Get hired, earn more and give back.

On top of your pay, earn a 5% reward in cryptocurrency for applying or referring successfully to job openings. This reward includes a fund for donating to qualified charities and initiatives of the new hires choice.

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Empower jobseekers to

  • Get hired
    With the help of the crowd via targeted and private referrals
  • Get paid
    In cryptocurrency
  • Earn more
    A 5% bonus on top of pay
  • Give back
    Securely donate to humanitarian and environmental initiatives

Empower businesses to

  • Hire
    With the wisdom of the crowd via incentivised referrals
  • Pay
    In cryptocurrency
  • Reduce hiring costs
    Using HireVibes platform costs half of the average price of using a centralised recruitment agency
  • Give back
    Enable each new hire made to give back to humanitarian and environmental initiatives of their choice

Earn more

Incentivise crowdsourcing by rewarding users in cryptocurrency tokens for successfully applying or referring candidates to job openings.

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Give back

Give back to the environment by transparently donating a portion of the crypto token reward to humanitarian and environmental initiatives.

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HireVibes development is underway. View our roadmap for more details.

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Crowdsource the best talent for job openings worldwide

What we’re building

HireVibes is an open source jobs platform that will operate as a Decentralised Autonomous Community on the EOS.IO blockchain. This means that HireVibes will be governed by the whole community using the platform using HireVibes Tokens.

HireVibes DAC will incentivise the crowd to source the best candidates for job openings by charging a small fee to clients and redistributing most of it back to jobseekers, referrers and selected charities.

For hirers and employers, this presents the unique opportunity to source and hire the brightest talent in a social, professional and brand empowering way like never before.

Why we’re building

Improving the hiring process

HireVibes is building a one stop hiring shop where employers can advertise job openings for free, crowdsource candidates, communicate, hire and pay in-app all from one platform.

Jobseekers will be able to build their own personal talent data store and control who has access to this sensitive information.

Transforming the meaning of HR

Humanities skills and energy could be channelled better to help clean the environment and create abundance for all that live on the planet.

Our mission is to redirect some of the flow of wealth going to centralised profit-driven agencies into a river of resources for people and the planet using blockchain technology and crowd swarm intelligence.

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